Rosato di Toscana


Sangiovese from grapes of first choice and strictly selected.
The wine is absolutely not filtered or clarified to keep the primary aromas of the grapes as intact as possible.
It is a particular rosé that will satisfy lovers of the genre. A claret pink with hints of pomegranate and dried fruit with a delicate aftertaste.
He has a beautiful personality and after the first sip you won’t be able to do without it.


Sangiovese from all our vineyard


September-October, good phenolic maturation

Manual in cassettes

Type of cultivation and yield:

Cordone speronato

4500 vines per Hectar

60 yield

Making process:

Spontaneous fermentation in cement or steel tanks

Maturation: 3-6 months in steel barrels

Aging: 2-14 months bottle

Not filtered or clarified