Chianti Colli Senesi


“Barcaiolo (Boatman) this is how the pile of hand-harvested wheat leaps was called at Lake Chiusi, the place where the vineyards of our Chianti grows.

It is a classic wine, an ancient classic as few are. No chemistry, just grapes. A small Sangiovese berry from a silty soil that gives a lot of satisfaction. A beautiful structure and the typical balance of Podere della Bruciata wines.


Sangiovese from silty soils with 300MSL and small quantities of other Tuscan vines.


October, full phenolic maturation

Manual in cassettes

Type of cultivation and yield:

Cordone speronato and gouyot

4500 vines per Hectar

60 yield

Making process:

Spontaneous fermentation in cement tanks.

Long macerations

Maturation: 3-6 months in Armenian wood tonneau (or equivalent)

Aging: 3-6 months bottle