Usta Rosato di Toscana

Denomination IGT Rosato Biologico e Naturale

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Grapes 100% Sangiovese
Alcohol 12,5%
Farming Sytem Cordone speronato
Production per hectare 50-60
Harvest Different by Year
Winemaking Fermentation without skins in steal tanks, Unfiltered absolutely, Minimum use of sulfites < 25 mg/lt (total sulfites)
Aging Not Aging at all…. it s good right now



Only strictly selected Sangiovese grape.
The wine is not filtered at all and clarified to keep intact as much as possible the primary aromas of the grapes.
It ‘a particular rosé that will satisfy fans of the genre.
A clear pink with hints of pomegranate and dried fruit with a delicate aftertaste.
It has a nice personality and after the first sip you can not live without.
particularity The grapes are Sangiovese and Petit Verdot, and the latter has been grown in an old vineyard. The grape selection is very important and only the best ones are chosen, therefore the production is quite low about 50-60 q per hectar. The fermentation happens thanks to natural yeasts in cement tanks without the temperature control. The wine is not filtrated in order to maintain its characteristics and there is also a low use of sulphites.