As we do not like the Frenchified  in Italian does not exist a single term to describe the natural conditions, physical and chemical properties of soil, so please forgive us if we use the term terroir.

We treat the vines as our dear friends and we are very proud of the terroir where they grow.

It ‘easy to see how that affects the plant, the fruit that comes out and consequently the wine.

We have two different terroir in which we grow Sangiovese, the fruit characteristics that derive are different, while sharing the same grape variety.


In Montepulciano

Clay, Quartz and fossil sediments characterize this terrain.

Clay, the mineral from which an infinite time supports our hills and makes them unique for productivity and beauty.

The Quartz, thanks to its properties can promote the photosynthesis of the plant and maintain the health of the grapes even in difficult vintages.

The fossil sediments contribute to the mineral soil, a feature easily seen in the wine of this land.

In Chiusi

Silty and sandy soil rich in nutrients.

The sangiovese resulting finds himself in purity in Chianti Boatman that is more fruity and kind.