Tizzo – Rosso Toscano

Denomination Rosso di Toscana I.G.T.

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Grapes Petit Verodot
Alcohol 14%-14,5%
Farming Sytem Cordone speronato
Production per hectare 50-60 q.li
Harvest Different by Year
Winemaking Cement Tanks, Unfiltered absolutely, Spontaneous fermentation e Minimum use of sulfites < 25 mg/lt (total sulfites)
Aging Bottles



It ‘a wine anything but classic.
No chemistry, only grapes. A Petit Verdot produced only in special vintages, great personality and dry extracted into our glass. The scents range from black berries up to pleasant floral notes of violet. The perfect balance in the mouth makes it pleasant and incredibly suitable for every palate.
Possibility of a middle-aged.
particularity The grapes are Sangiovese and Petit Verdot, and the latter has been grown in an old vineyard.
The grape selection is very important and only the best ones are chosen, therefore the production is quite low about 50-60 q per hectar. The fermentation happens thanks to natural yeasts in cement tanks without the temperature control. The wine is not filtrated in order to maintain its characteristics and there is also a low use of sulphites.